Woman saves money on dog chew toy by buying new pair of shoes

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Frugal local woman Simone Williams has saved herself the cost of buying her dog a chew toy by purchasing a new pair of shoes instead, she has revealed.

Simone shared the money-saving tip after she avoided the fifty pence a new toy would have cost by just forking out over a hundred nicker on a new pair of shoes and then leaving them unattended for literally five minutes.

“We all know how dog toys are just products made by Big Industry to sucker you out of your money,” she told us.

“Well, I was too smart for them.

“By just going straight to Italian, hand-made leather slingbacks I ensured that highly-paid craftsmen benefitted rather than some huge conglomerate with a factory in China.

“And the outcome was exactly the same. I came down in the morning to find a dribbly chewed-up mess in the middle of the kitchen floor and my dog looking pleased with itself.

“My lovely, delightful dog who I love and would do anything for,” she added through gritted teeth.

“Bless. Him.”