“We’d rather our presenters just quietly went along with racism” confirms BBC

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The BBC has confirmed would rather their presenters just kept schtum when shown some racism.

The confirmation follows a complaint arising from Naga Munchetty’s correct assessment of Donald Trump’s recent racist remarks.

The Beeb decided that the fuckwit who made the complaint was right to complain, and that saying that racism is bad shouldn’t be what the BBC stands for.

“Yeah, no, please don’t,” confirmed BBC spokesperson, Simon McComplicit.

“Racism has no place in society and should be condemned wherever it is found, but not on the BBC and certainly not by one of our presenters.

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“Our presenters are free to condemn racism as much as they would like in their free time, of course, that’s not our business. But please not on the Breakfast show, of all places. Let’s at least get lunch out the way before dealing with anything tricky.

“Just let it slide. Ears open, mouth shut. That’s the motto.

“Just quietly chuckle and then move onto the weather. It works for Kay Burley over on Sky, and it can work for us too.”