Naga Munchetty censured by BBC after calling Hitler antisemitic

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Popular BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was in hot water with her bosses after she called wartime German leader Adolf Hitler an antisemite based on nothing more than the fact he murdered millions of people for being Jewish.

BBC Ethics Controller and totally grounded human, Simon Williams, issued a press statement to explain that the Code of Impartiality meant presenters are not to infer someone is a racist just because they do or say racist things.

“We are not saying it’s OK to commit horrific atrocities on a group of people because of their ethnicity. But it is not our role to call out the people who do these things or pass judgement on them. Naga was right to highlight the terrifying inhumanity of industrialised murder during the Holocaust but it was not her place to imply Adolf Hitler was a racial supremacist.

“It is up to the viewer to decide such things, especially as all leading Nazis are long dead and so can’t ask for the right of reply we would surely give them. That or at least get Julia Hartley-Brewer on Newsnight to stand up for them and ensure impartiality.”

The disciplinary action of Ms Munchetty led to a social media uproar as well as an open letter to the BBC from prominent BME Britons.

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The letter, signed by people such as Lenny Henry, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Asif Kapadia and Reya Al-Salahi, stated that there was nothing subjective about racism and that the decision to punish Naga Munchetty was “fuckwitted beyond words.”