Man dies in car after spending three months looking for space in hospital car park

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A man who drove to the hospital for life-saving surgery missed his appointment because he couldn’t find a parking space and subsequently died behind the wheel.

In September 2018 sixty-five-year-old Simon Williams was diagnosed with a 90% block in his coronary artery. Because this was such a serious and potentially life-threatening condition he was fast-tracked and offered an appointment for a coronary bypass in June 2019.

“He knew there’d be parking difficulties – that’s why he left a good six weeks early,” sobbed Simon’s wife Karen who doesn’t drive due to her arthritis.

“I told him to get a taxi but he was adamant about retaining his independence. ‘I’m still a young man,’ he’d say. ‘Sixty-five is nothing these days’.”

CCTV footage shows Simon driving into Pembury hospital car park at 11:37 on 14th June. Little did he know that he’d be spending the remaining months of his life there.

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“Simon was never one to break the rules,” said Karen. “He used the drop-off area to pop to the toilet or get a bite to eat but he always fully respected the 15-minute limit.”

On the 22nd August Simon finally snapped and parked up on a double yellow line near the entrance to car park C. However, a traffic warden immediately appeared from nowhere and Simon was forced to drive on.

He perished on the 14th September. He had spent the last three days of his life in his stationary vehicle staring at a silver Ford Focus, having decided to choose a specific space and simply wait for it to become available. It never did.

“If it’s any consolation Simon would have died anyway,” said a hospital spokesman. “His surgeon is actually still driving around trying to find a space in the staff car park.”