Boris Johnson agrees other MPs should moderate their language

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In an interview with the BBC, ‘Prime’ Minister Boris Johnson has agreed that all other MPs should use respectful and moderate language in Commons debates.

His words came in the wake of an exchange yesterday when he invoked a murdered MP in the name of Brexit and other MPs were stridently critical of him.

“I agree with many that the language used against me beyond the pale,” he said, ruffling his own hair in a way that would be charming if he was five and not a fully-grown man.

“I think they need to moderate their language toward me, particularly those slags on the other benches and that Labour pooftah who gets all hot under the collar all the time.

“There was also some ghastly looking fat little common person who had the temerity to raise his voice toward me.

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“I tell you, if I was back in my Bullingdon days, we’d have smashed up his car, had a go on his girlfriend and shat on his doorstep.”

He went on to summarise what he hoped to see.

“A bit more respectful language from the whole bally lot of them, I went to Eton, you know. They should show some respect.”

Asked if he would be making any effort to moderate his own language, he was unequivocal.

“Fuck off, I’m the Prime Minister and I’ll do what the fuck I like.

“Now, piss off you ghastly little communist or ill have your kids arrested.”