Boris slowly realising that being Donald Trump doesn’t work on smart people

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Boris Johnson’s plan of just tearing pages from Donald Trump’s playbook may just be starting to unravel.

The current Prime Minister and former Honey Monster reckoned that he could get away with doing not-a-lot as long as he made out he was a man of the people and suggested people like Supreme Court Judges were stupid because they hadn’t done what he (and therefore surely the public) wanted.

“He’s playing at being Trump,” confirmed political analyst, Simon Williams.

“Thing is though, the leader of the UK is scrutinised and questioned in parliament at least once a week, so it’s a lot easier to slice through the populist bullshit and show people up for the pompous, empty husks they are.

“Americans are still relatively new to Democracy, so they’re a lot more malleable, bless them. Whereas in Britain, we’ve learned things such as harsh cynicism and a generally negative outlook on life.

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“That’s one of the joys of being British, nobody can feed you the poison pill wrapped in the bacon of false hope, because we’ve been fed it so many times before and we’ve learned not to trust anything that sounds remotely positive.

“We are the cat to America’s dog.”