Jeremy Corbyn rules out going into coalition with his own party

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Jeremy Corbyn has strongly rejected suggestions that he might enter a coalition with his own party to win an election.

The Labour leader said that the Labour MPs weren’t the sort of people he’d choose to work with, and insisted that winning his own seat of Islington North should be sufficient to allow him to form a government.

Anyone suggesting an electoral pact with his own MPs was in ‘cloud cuckoo land’, he said, as their history of voting for Labour Party policy meant he couldn’t trust them.

”I think we need to be very clear that if you’re a member of the Labour Party then the Labour Party isn’t the place for you,” he told a gathering of his own representatives.

”There will be no pact which would allow my own MPs to win seats by me stepping aside.

”Instead I’ll fight every seat on my own, win, and enter Downing Street at the head of a Labour movement composed of a loyal and hardworking party of myself,” he concluded, before sitting down to his own rapturous applause.

However, Labour members have said their door remains open to the idea of working with their own leader, as he’ll need at least some other MPs to beat the six Boris Johnson has left.