Friday 20 September 2019 by Dan Sweryt

Thomas Cook lists itself for sale on Ceefax

Ceefax holiday list Thomas Cook for sale

Ailing travel operator Thomas Cook is advertising the whole business on Ceefax for only £99 per person.

The last-minute deal is thought to be how normal entrepreneurs buy their businesses, just by looking around on the old Ceefax service hoping to spot a good deal.

Businessman, Simon Williams, who has only been bankrupt six times, said, “I was just looking at those blocky old pages you used to look at to get the football results, and there it popped up.

“I thought, ‘That’s a great deal!’ – because due diligence is for losers – and luckily me and the wife already had our bags packed, for a moonlight flit, so we were able to buy very early the next morning.

“I’m now the owner of my very own ailing travel operator! Honestly, everyone should have one!

“Of course the customers will be pleased to hear I’m in charge now.”

A customer stuck in a cheap Bulgarian B&B, worried he won’t be able to return, said, “Well, at least he’s not Philip Green.”

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