Oompa Loompa community in uproar after more photos emerge of Donald Trump wearing ‘orangeface’

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The Oompa Loompa community have responded in anger after yet more photos of an ‘oranged up’ Donald Trump have emerged.

There has been an incessant supply of photos and video footage of the US President wearing bright orange face paint during his election campaign and his current presidency, and the short citizens of Loompaland have today called for his habit of doing so to end.

“We all know that ‘blacking up’ is racist and offensive to all, but why are we not calling out the leader of the free world on his daily habit of ‘orangeing up’?” questioned spokesperson for the Oompa Loompa community, Simon Williams.

“We find it deeply offensive that he applies orange face paint every day – presumably for comedic effect, who knows – and everyone just accepts it as ‘normal’.

“He even tried to blame his bizarre appearance on ‘energy-efficient’ light bulbs the other day, which is plainly ridiculous as you could still see the brush strokes on his cheeks and the areas around his eyes and ears which he deliberately left a lighter shade, to caricature us.

“No-one does that to themselves to look better – it’s an obviously transparent attempt to publicly show his disdain for Oompa Loompas everywhere.  You can see his base lap it up – loudly asking ‘how can it be racist if Oompa Loompas aren’t a race?'”

The White House is yet to respond to the allegations, but 17-year-old hairdresser Becky Scissorhands from Essex commented, “I don’t get it – he looks perfectly normal to me.”