Boy missing school to take part in global climate strike wins fourth straight game of Fifa

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A fourteen-year-old schoolboy from Basingstoke is today fighting for the environment whilst also improving his Fifa skills on his PlayStation.

Jake Williams was due to be in a double science lesson about now, but instead is at home playing on his PS4 as part of his efforts to save the planet.

“I told my parents, I can’t go to school today because it’s up to my generation to fix this environmental crisis, it has to be us because WE will be the ones still here in fifty years when the planet becomes a red hot dust-bowl – and I would have gone on one of those marches, but Harry up the road challenged me to a game of Fifa.

“So instead, I will go to my bedroom to do my part in saving the planet, by handing Harry’s arse to him because the idiot thinks playing as Reading means he can still beat me as Man Utd.

“In years to come, when the inevitable question get asked, ‘what did you do to help save the planet’ – I will be able to look them straight in the eye and say I was sat right here, dribbling round four of Harry’s players before smashing one into the top corner, and I even have the goal saved if you’d like to see it?”

Jake’s Dad Simon told us, “I’d rather he was at school, obviously, but I’m also pleased to see him taking an interest in social and environmental causes.

“We’re also trying to do our bit as a family – in fact, right now I’m about to turn off the Internet to save some electricity.”