Treasonous Remainers still going on and on about how Boris lied to the Queen

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Pesky treasonous Remainers keep going on and on about how unelected messiah complex and Prime Minister Boris Johnson deliberately misled the Queen whilst arranging parliamentary prorogation.

Leave voter and self-proclaimed expert on constitutional law, Simon Williams, said, “I’ve gone on and on and on about how Remainers are guilty of treason.

“‘Remainers are all guilty of treason’, I wrote on social media, ‘And we know what the penalty for treason is, don’t we?! Hanging!

“Obviously, I am fully aware that the punishment for treason is not hanging, as that was revoked in section 36 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, whereupon the maximum punishment became life imprisonment.

“But that doesn’t look as good on your Facebook wall, or posted below a remainer article, does it?”

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Williams went on to explain why he believed remainers are all treasonous criminals for insisting on another democratic vote, but that the man who lied to the queen to trick her into closing parliament did nothing wrong.

He explained, “I mean, what Boris did is just a little white lie to get his own way – who hasn’t done that? It’s not like lying to the monarch is treason, is it?

“What do you mean ‘that’s exactly what it is’? No, it isn’t! I’ve read every meme ever posted by the Leave.EU twitter account so if it that treason I would know about it!

“I’ll tell you what’s actually treasonous – trying to trick me into believing that lying to the Queen is literally treason!

“You should be hanged!”