Katie Hopkins apologises after inoffensive tweets resurface

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Internet ghoul Katie Hopkins has apologised after a series of thoughtful, kind and factually correct tweets were found to have been posted years ago to her Twitter account.

The unearthed posts offered support to the LGBT community, expressed concern about climate change and referred to refugees as “human beings”.

One tweet read, “I overheard someone call the capital ‘Londonistan’ today. What kind of desperate, attention-seeking moron would use a term like that?”

Another used the N-word, saying “I can’t believe train fares are going up AGAIN. Maybe it’s time to consider nationalisation!”

Hopkins – who describes herself as a journalist despite having previously written for The Sun – initially claimed that friends had taken her phone and posted the tweets ‘as a joke’.

However, she was forced to come clean after it was pointed out that she didn’t actually have any friends.

“I’m deeply sorry if no-one was offended by these tweets, which were posted during a very different time in my life,” Hopkins said in a statement.

“The unprejudiced, right-minded sentiments they expressed do not reflect who I am today in the slightest.

“I would never have been intentionally truthful or compassionate and if I’d known at the time that I would one-day make my living posting mean-spirited bollocks to enrage simpletons,” she added.

Hopkins fan Simon Williams told us, “It’s so unfair that the liberals can go back years through someone’s tweets just to find something inoffensive – I’m sure we’ve all said something inoffensive if you look hard enough!

“Why can’t they just let that stuff go and focus on the vituperative harridan she is today?”