EU threatens to expel the UK unless parliament is reopened

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The EU has responded to attempts to prorogue and close Parliament by saying the UK will be expelled from the European Union unless it immediately reopens the Commons.

Criticising the closure of Parliament in the strongest possible terms, the European Union has given Britain less than two months to return to the principles of Democracy and the rule of law or face being expelled on the first of November.

“We are shocked by the undemocratic conditions that currently prevail in Britain,” said outgoing Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“They are simply not living up to the values ​​that we cultivate in the EU as a democratic community of states.”

“Expulsion is the harshest penalty the Union can impose,” he added.

“Member states must adhere to minimum standards of Democracy or face losing the benefits of membership, including the single market, frictionless trade, free movement of people and shared intelligence briefings.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has responded by slamming the threat, saying that the EU simply expelling the UK  would be catastrophic for the British economy.

“This is just typical of those unelected Brussels bureaucrats,” he told reporters.

“To threaten us with the sort of consequences that they know would cause significant and lasting damage is entirely reckless.

“You would have to be insane to threaten to do this to a country, and mark my words if they don’t withdraw their threats then we’ll leave and cause all this damage to ourselves voluntarily.”

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