Politician who became popular by making everyone laugh at him annoyed now everyone is laughing at him

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A politician who created a hilarious, bumbling, buffoon-like idiot character in order to gain popularity is now getting really annoyed that everyone is laughing at him.

The politician, a Mr Boris Johnson Esquire, rose all the way to Prime Minister in the country of the UK due to his antics such as getting stuck on a zipwire, falling in a ditch and accidentally putting his penis in women that weren’t his wife, has shown his ire every day as other politicians laugh uproariously at him as he attempts to put forward serious motions in government.

Senior civil servant, Sir Simon Williams KBE KPMG, said, “We’ve had such fun since Boris came into Number 10.

“At first we couldn’t believe it: that hilarious man who we’d all watched on the TV, be it hosting ‘Have I Got News For You’, being really funny whilst featured on ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and particularly in his own sitcom ‘Inside The Foreign Office’, was going to be coming here to liven everything up after, let’s be honest, a pretty dreary, shitty last three years.

“And he came in and started throwing all these jokes – sorry, he likes to call them ‘policies’ – around. They are hilarious. It’s really hard to keep a straight face, especially when that Godber character he brought with him – Mr Cummings – starts to get faux angry at us.

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“It’s such a great place to work now! I’ve never had so much fun.

“Opposition MPs are even playing along with it: voting down every single one of his ‘jokes’! It’s amazing!

“Bravo, Mr Johnson! Bravo!”

The rest of 10 Downing Street demanded an encore.