Jo Johnson resigns as Tory MP to spend less time with his family

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Jo Johnson has resigned as a Conservative MP in an effort to spend less time with his brother Boris.

Johnson said it had been a difficult decision, and he has enjoyed his time in parliament, but simply couldn’t work in an environment where he is expected to spend so much time with his older brother.

He told reporters, “I have not made this decision lightly, but for the sake of my own mental health it’s important I get to spend less time with my family.

“Boris is fine in small doses, which is precisely what we were all exposed to when he was London mayor or Foreign Secretary – but now he’s the prime minister he’s everywhere.  That’s just not something I can work with I’m afraid.”

Jo revealed that he hoped his resignation from politics could limit exposure to Boris to just Christmas and Easter.

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Party insiders have urged Jo Johnson to reconsider, insisting that if he is willing to sleep on it for a few nights Boris might not even be the prime minister any more.

However, the outgoing MP told them, “As lovely as that sounds, call me if it happens.”