Boris Johnson applies for Irish passport

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The Irish embassy in London has confirmed reports that it has received a passport application from the British Prime Minister today.

The Republic of Ireland has become the first stop for many Britons concerned that Brexit may damage their future prospects, and their passport office reports that applications have been received from over 600 Westminster figures including the Prime Minister.

“We’re not sure how to process it, to be honest,” said spokesman Seamus O’Williams.

“Receiving an application from a head of government is unprecedented to say the least, especially one with a tenner stapled to the back ‘to speed things up a bit’.

“And goes on to say if we could have it done by Saturday that would be great.

“And the rules say to get a passport you’ve got to have some Irish in you, but he just says he’s been in lots of Irish girls – which I have to point out isn’t the same thing at all.”

When challenged about the application by the press Boris Johnson denied everything categorically, which usually means he totally did it.