Brexiters confused as to why BBC2’s Rise Of The Nazis somehow feels aimed at them

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The recent broadcast by the BBC of a documentary on the birth of the Third Reich – timed to mark the anniversary of the beginning of World War 2 – has left many leave voters inexplicably anxious and believing it was a slur aimed at them even if they can’t explain why.

Simon Williams, a Daily Mail subscriber and frequent attendee of court-mandated anger management classes, was one of many Brexiters who could not shake the feeling that the in-depth look at Hitler’s rise was a sly dig at him personally.

“It’s odd because WW2 documentaries are one of my favourite things to watch, especially ones with spitfires. They’re right up there with Japanese groping porn if you asked me for my top ways to spend a Sunday morning.

“But this one was weird. It was fascinating to see how Hitler pitched himself as the voice of the people against an out-of-touch Reichstag establishment.

“And I particularly liked the clever way he used the inherent constitutional flaws of the Weimar Republic to become Chancellor, although he had no real democratic mandate to do that. But for some reason, I couldn’t help but think this was like the time my remoaner daughter made me all angry by loudly listing which of my many medicines come from the EU.

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“But it’s not like I don’t know the Nazis were the bad guys. They were German so they’re obviously scum in my book. Still, I did like their rallies.

“Maybe Nigel will let us have torches at the next meeting.”

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