Government’s ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ website just a link to the Irish embassy

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The government’s key website designed to help Britons prepare for life outside the EU, has suffered some technical glitches as most pages contained either meaningless slogans or a redirect towards the section of the Irish embassy’s website detailing how to apply for citizenship.

Although many sections of the press have labelled the launch of the website another government IT disaster, the Department for Exiting the EU has denied the redirect was a mistake. As explained DExEU spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“We are going to make a great success out of Brexit and we urge people to seize the many opportunities it offers. But if you are the kind of gloom-peddling remoaner that has so little faith in the will of the people that you need advice, then perhaps you need to think if you are worthy enough to be British.”

Mr Williams denied the website was effectively useless because the government was utterly clueless as to the real-world implications of their policy such as how to access EU manufactured medicine or paperwork requirements for businesses that export to the EU.

“That is pure nonsense. We have made a comprehensive arrangement with transport companies building upon the sterling work of Chris Grayling. It’s just we don’t want to talk too much about it as we need to keep our awesome cards close to our chest as negotiations are still ongoing.”

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The perceived uselessness of the Brexit website has some similarities other government websites that came under criticism for being unusable, pointless or easily hacked by Montenegrin teenagers.

EU residents, in particular, have raised many concerns about the Home Office’s web portal set up to apply for permanent residence at

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