Dissolving the Imperial Senate is a routine event, insists Grand Moff Tarkin

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Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Governor of the Outer Rim, has talked to journalists in order to defend Emperor Palpatine’s decision to dissolve the Imperial Senate and assured people that those calling it a coup were Rebel scum who wanted to thwart the will of the people.

The close ally of Palpatine insisted the dissolution was necessary to bring forward a broad legislative agenda that would ensure a crackdown on the Hutts, funding for bacta tanks and ambitious public work projects based around completely harmless artificial moons.

He explained, “The Emperor has a strong mandate based on sorting out that Jedi problem. We all know the senate was full of moaners who still won’t accept the end of the Republic, but this is simply an instrument to give us time to create the kind of Galactic Empire that we can all be proud of.

“Not everything is about the war against the Rebel Alliance. We have ambitious plans to develop intergalactic trade, free Holonet licences for over 75s and telling the Jawas that we’re not a soft touch anymore.”

Grand Moff Tarkin also explained that the dissolution was not an end in itself, and he and other close allies of the Emperor were ready to reach out to others in a spirit of cooperation.

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“Darth Vader will be going on a grand ‘Listening’ tour of marginal star systems. He will be visiting planets like Tatooine and is very keen to find out who has objections to our plans.

“As for me, I’m off to Alderaan to show them exactly what we can achieve as long as we unite.”