MPs from all parties working together for the sake of the country is an affront to democracy, insist Brexiters

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A recent meeting held by Jeremy Corbyn with members from other opposition parties, to discuss how to block a No-Deal Brexit, has infuriated Brexiters who took to social media and explained how elected representatives finding consensus is not how democracy works.

Simon Williams, a Brexit Party supporter and occasional underwear thief, was one of many who was enraged at the attempt to block the actions of a Prime Minister put in power by less than 100,000 Tories.

He told us, “When will MPs stop blocking the will of the people as defined by right-wing pundits?

“They should remember who they work for and that we don’t want any elitist claptrap about unclear mandates and obligations to their constituent’s welfare. We want Brexit to be done with the same pig-ignorance that it was voted for, and we won’t stand by as interlopers mess with our dream just because it was the job they were elected to do.

“I demand that the UK’s policy on Brexit follow the exact same pattern as all my ideological beliefs. Seven words or less! And if they don’t give me that, I will lose trust in the people I accuse daily of being traitors and will never vote again.”

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Mr William’s threat to shun the ballot box was not really dissuasive to some remainers. Speaking off the record, a Labour MP explained it was unlikely to change his mind.

“Let me get this straight. If we manage to block No Deal and save my constituency from economic destruction, a bunch of old bigots, who will follow any dickhead who panders to their stupidity, promise never to vote again?

“How is this a problem?”

Whatever this is, I didn’t vote for it – get the t-shirt!