Man finally gets through to Virgin Media helpline in the afterlife

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A man has finally had his call to Virgin Media answered from the afterlife, a mere two years after his death.

Derek Williams, 95+2, who passed away in early 2017, originally rang the company – for reasons he can’t actually recall – back in 2015.

Williams said, “When you’re on hold, they play the same three godawful pop songs in a loop and far too loud. Annoyingly, once a song, there is a dip in volume or skip that makes you think someone has answered, only for the song to return seemingly even louder blaring in your ear.”

Mr Williams continued, “Amazingly enough, this was the second-longest I’ve been on the phone to them. The first was in 2006, just after it was founded.

“An operative answered in 2015, put me on hold, then hung up.

“This call I’ve just got through on was a result of me ringing them straight back.”