MC Hammer open to leading interim government

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With continued infighting amongst Remain leaders over who should lead any potential interim government, there was widespread relief at the news that MC Hammer is open to taking on the role of a temporary Prime Minister.

It is understood that Jo Swinson has been canvassing potential candidates for the role after it became apparent that leading a party with fourteen MPs gives her quite a lot of time off.

Both Harriet Harman and Ken Clarke have declared that they would be prepared to lead an interim government, but it was felt that neither had the heavyweight political credibility that would be required for the role and so the call went out to MC Hammer.

“I think many who know me would know that I have never held any ambition for high office,” said the Can’t Touch This megastar.

“But such is the precarious state of British government at the moment, I would be prepared to roll up my sleeves and say – ‘Stop Brexit! It’s Hammertime’.”

There was relief at the news.

“Normally, I’m not sure I would be this happy about a nineties pop star being prepared to lead my government,” said Simon Williams, the only man whose phone number we’ve got.

“But, frankly, if you look at the absolute rubbish bin full of political leaders we’ve got at the moment, I suspect a man with huge trousers and an ear for a catchy tune would do a better job.”

It is thought that even if MC Hammer found he couldn’t take on the role, The Krankies have confirmed they would be happy to, as would Emile Heskey, the ‘Go Compare’ bloke, and Scooby Doo.

Any of which would be an improvement.