Corbyn would overrule the referendum and wreck the economy, says government trying to implement a disastrous no-deal Brexit that nobody voted for

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The government is insisting that a Prime Minister Corbyn would betray the result of the EU referendum and ruin the UK economy – so a bit like a no-deal Brexit then.

Downing Street has responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to oust Boris Johnson and prevent a no-deal Brexit by claiming it would both negatively impact the economy and undermine British democracy.

“It’s a bit like the toaster calling the kettle Onyx Black,” said middle-class Political Analyst Simon Williams.

“There’s very little chance of Corbyn ruining the economy more than the reckless no-deal Brexit that Boris Johnson is marching towards.

“To mention just a few things:

“A third of our food comes from the EU so that will be more expensive.

“Three-quarters of our medicines come via the EU so they will be more expensive – perhaps prohibitively so.

“Any business which obtains supplies from the EU will see a rise in costs. Major UK employers – such as those in the car industry – will struggle, threatening jobs and livelihoods.

“No-deal uncertainty is predicted to cause house prices to fall by up to 30%, pushing 90% of first-time buyers from the last few years into negative equity.

“As for democracy, while there’s a mandate for leaving the EU there certainly isn’t one for leaving without a deal. Boris himself talked about a ‘great deal’ with the EU. Just a month ago he described a no-deal Brexit as a million to one chance.

“People understandably voted for the very specific benefits they were promised by politicians and vehicles.

“I mean, would the Tories publish a manifesto, fight a general election on that basis and then do the exact opposite when in power?

“Right, yes. We shouldn’t really be surprised should we?”

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has responded to news that rebel Tory MPs might be willing to support him.

“Shiiiit,” he said while running to the sanctuary of his allotment.

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