Jokes about drowning teenage girls are hilarious, insist people who had a fit when people made jokes about milkshakes

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Ardent leavers have rallied around Arron Banks, who is being criticised for joking that Greta Thurnberg would die while crossing the Atlantic, highlighting that many brexiteers still live under the threat of being doused by dairy products.

Simon Williams, a passionate Eurosceptic who struggles with contracted verb forms, was one of many who highlighted the hypocrisy and dual standards he claimed was rife among the ‘globalist elites.’

He explained, “Everybody is claiming to be horrified just because a dodgy millionaire has made jokes regarding the death by drowning of an autistic teenage girl. But where was their outrage when people made jokes about Nigel Farage being shown milkshakes? Where were their angry tweets when people were making jokes about Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment?

“Once again it’s one rule for them and another rule for us lot. I’m sure if I looked long enough I could find a prominent Remainer making jokes about wanting young girls to die. Just because Google doesn’t find anything doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

Climate activist Great Thurnberg has found herself the focus of much anger from the right for claiming that drastic action about global warming had to be taken now, regardless of how often Daily Mail readers like to go to Florida with Steve and Janet from next door.

Many pundits have also claimed that her call for school strikes have put at risk the annual summer tradition of tabloids taking pictures of jubilant teenage girls celebrating their GCSE results so that creepy old men can wank off in the shed.