Daily Mail readers outraged as Peruvian illegal immigrant appears on new 50p coin

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The Daily Mail readership is on the verbal march again, indignant at the news that new 50p coins, featuring Peruvian immigrant, Paddington Bear have entered circulation.

In a move that has seriously raised their collective hackles, new coins will feature the benefit-draining brown bear from darkest Peru at famous English landmarks, namely the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Daily Mail reader Simon Williams said, “Obviously I’m in a constant state of rage, but this? Well, only fucking dogs can hear me now.

“First there was that Siddique Khan going from 7/7 bomber to London Mayor, which wasn’t right, I must admit. Then there was Markle brainwashing our Royals. That was well out of order.

“But an illegal immigrant from Peru, wherever that is, on our own British money? Nah, mate. That simply cannot stand.

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“I bet this was part of May’s sell-out in her sweetheart deal with those EU garlics, right?

“Oh, British saps, pay us 39 billion quid for a backstop thing that makes you have the Irish, straight bananas, oh and while you’re at it, stick a hairy Peruvian immigrant piss-taker on your fifty pence pieces.

“Tossers. Boris will sort it. Just you wait.

“From the 1st November, our boy Tommy, flying a Spitfire on every coin,” said Simon before he stood to attention, closes his eyes and started humming the Dambusters’ theme tune.