Boris Johnson accuses greatest ever example of collaboration of ‘collaboration’

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Unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accused the EU – the single greatest example of collaboration – of collaboration.

The monumental bellend accused British MPs – who are still part of the EU – of collaborating with the organisation of which they are still part, along the lines of the collaboration agreement the country made with said organisation, in the spirit of collaboration.

EU Director of Collaboration, Simone Guilliames, said “Of course we’ve been collaborating. In many ways, you could say that’s all we do, being as we are an entity made of 28 different nations working together.

“In many ways, Mr Johnson has been very astute in his observations.

“In many, many other ways, of course, he is not.”

Mr Johnson hopes to criminalise collaboration in a future bill, with the civil servants tasked with putting it together immediately jailed.