Reporter live on the scene surprises everyone by having new information

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Viewers were left stunned by a reporter who gained great insight into a story by being live and on the scene.

A studio news team covering an important event last weekend reluctantly cut to a reporter who was live and on the scene for what they expected to be nothing more than a few wasted minutes talking to someone close to where things were happening.

The journalist in question, a Mr Simon Williams, then responded with some previously unknown developments, prompting a shocked silence in the studio.

Mr Williams later said, “They almost reluctantly asked me for ‘any new updates’, and ‘how things were looking’. I responded by reeling off all the things I’d learned since I got there. I don’t understand why they were so shocked.

“Life can be tough as an ‘on the scene’ journalist. Last year I got the ‘winter is cold’ segments, so most of my work last December was just me standing in front of a diminishing pile of grit salt.

“I was posted outside the Houses of Parliament for our bi-weekly ‘Brexit isn’t going well story’. I’m not sure what they expect me to learn from that unless they start doing the politics outdoors.

“Being live and on the scene is what reporting is all about. Can you imagine if they kept cutting to people who didn’t know anything new? That would be a ridiculous waste of airtime.”