Shock at NME HQ as Liam Gallagher keeps an opinion to himself

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There has been shock and confusion at NME headquarters today following the revelation Liam Gallagher has nothing to say regarding Noels latest single, leaving confused NME staff with nothing to publish and the website blank.

NME Employee Simon Williams was quoted as saying “We haven’t actually written an article since 2008, all we post is tweets from artists who sound made up, and the opinions of the Gallaghers brothers.

“So when Liam offered ‘no comment’ after being asked about his brothers new single, we went into meltdown.”

Radio X suffered a similar fate when they lost their Oasis CDs in May of last year, leaving the airwaves silent for 25 minutes until they broke the glass over the emergency copy of ‘Be Here Now’ which are they are still playing on repeat at the time of writing.

It is hoped that Billie Eilish will tweet something in the next few hours so NME has something to post.

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