Game of ‘fetch’ clearly entertaining man far more than dog

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It has recently been determined that a man playing fetch with his dog in the park appears to be just as entertained by the simple game as the creature is.

While it may be true that the man is a higher mammal with intellectual capacity far beyond what the lowly canine could possibly fathom, the fact remains that the human is clearly more enamoured with the game than the dog.

It has become apparent to observers that the time the companions spend tossing a stick back and forth is obviously the highlight of the man’s day.

The man – who initially denied his immense enjoyment – claimed that the 30-minute game was for the benefit of the dog and not himself, claiming that he was just being a good and responsible pet owner giving the necessary exercise to his pet.

However, this does not appear to be the case; when pushed for comment, the dog – who admitted that he was sort-of enjoying the game himself – appears to have been under the illusion that he was only playing the game for the benefit of the man himself.

The dog told us, “He seems to like it, and honestly, I think he just enjoys being out of the house every now and again. You should see the smile on his face when I give him his toy back which I had bought from My Pet Needs That. It’s totally adorable.”

The man is also known to have used a laser-pointer to entertain “the cat” for hours on end, supposedly unaware of the fact that the cat cannot possibly reach the spots the owner chooses to point the beam.