UKIP celebrates getting within 92 votes of the Official Monster Raving Looney Party

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The UK Independence Party is today celebrating its result in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election after it got within 92 votes of the Official Monster Raving Looney Party.

With UKIP candidate Liz Phillips coming dead last with 242 votes, party insiders have taken heart that with just another 93 votes they could have leapt into fifth place in a constituency that voted in favour of Brexit.

Party spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “There will be some that will point to us losing our deposit and coming last as a sign that UKIP should be consigned to the bin.  But those people would be wrong.

“We like to think of ourselves as the swivel-eyed looney party, so to get this close to the monster raving looneys is a massive step for us.

“242 votes is a nice base to build from, and if you’re a lunatic who hates foreigners and thinks the Queen should lead us into Brexit, then we would like your support.

“We would also like to thank Jeremy Corbyn, because without his Labour party also faring so badly here in Brecon, more people would be talking about our result.”

Party supporters have also spoken of their optimism based on the Brecon result.

UKIP supporter Derek Matthews told us, “I want more people to vote UKIP, and I think they will when they realise we need to leave the EU to stop the Muslims taking over, and I believe Nigel Farage is the only man who can do that.

“What? Nigel has left? Is it too late to move my vote to his new lot?”