New Wolfenstein game criticised for not being about engaging Nazis in rational debate

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The launch of Wolfenstein: Youngblood has been marred by controversy today, after critics attacked its lack of options for politely engaging the villains in a widely televised debate.

The game, set in an alternative universe in which the Third Reich won World War Two, encourages players to use teamwork and planning to kill as many Nazis as possible whilst failing to provide any options whatsoever to talk through the nuances of their philosophy – leading to some pundits saying the game is biased against certain points of view.

“Some of these guys in coal-scuttle helmets with skulls on them might have some reasonable intellectual points and in a society which claims to be ‘tolerant’ you have to meet them halfway and debate them on points of disagreement,” said ‘Wolfengate’ spokesman Simon Williams.

“But no – the game expects you to just shoot them repeatedly in the head until they stop twitching and then move on like they’re nothing”, he added.


“What sort of message is that giving to our children? So much for the tolerant left.”

Game designers have rejected the criticism, but acknowledged the game could have been made more entertaining by having Nazi Stormtroopers shouting “Diskutieren Sie mit uns!” (‘Debate us!’) as they charged forward to be mown down like so much ripe corn.