Russia, North Korea, China condemn ‘outrageously undemocratic’ Boris Johnson coup

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The leaders of Russia, China and North Korea have all joined together to condemn the coup in Britain that saw the unelected Boris Johnson ascend to power with the support of a mere handful of the population.

“Whatever you think of me, I am at least democratically elected by the people of Russia,” explained Vladimir Putin as he gave a press conference with no top on whilst sat on top of a bear.

“To just take over the entire country because a couple of hundred of your friends say so is outrageously undemocratic.”

Kim Jong-Un took time out from toying with Donald Trump’s affections to support Mr Putin’s comments.

“There is a limit to this kind of behaviour you know,” he said, aghast at developments in Westminster.

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“I mean, I hold elections. Granted, there is only one name on the ballot paper, and not voting for me is an imprisonable offence, but they’re still elections. At least I try to nod in the direction of democracy.

“This Johnson person has declared himself Prime Minister, despite the wishes of huge swathes of the country, and everyone seems fine with it.

“It’s pretty outrageous.”

President Xi Jinping of China had these words for the people of Britain.

“You are the victims of a terrible undemocratic coup. Stay strong, and I pray that one day you are freed from the Johnson dictatorship.”

It is not expected that the Johnson Junta will be commenting on these remarks as it is busy organising a purge of intellectuals and dissenters in an effort to consolidate its power.