Moon wistfully remembering that time when humans were interested in landing on it

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The Moon is today wistfully thinking back to those halcyon days when people wanted to visit it, it has emerged.

The lunar mass, which was first visited fifty years ago this past weekend, has been feeling sorely neglected after that initial rush of interest from the human race.

“Fifty years, where does the time go?” pondered the moon to no-one in particular, as it lazily orbited Earth for the three trillionth time.

“And it’s been forty-seven years since the last time someone even came for a brief visit. I know I’ve got no atmosphere or running water, so to hope to be fully colonised was a little unrealistic, but I figured the humans might have built a base on me for school field trips and the like by now.”

The moon continued, “But oh no, it’s all about Mars now, isn’t it, with its sexy red sandy surface and ice-cool atmosphere. Well, enjoy it while it lasts, mate, because they will soon become disinterested in you too.

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The moon concluded, “I think they only decided not to keep visiting me because I had no oceans for them to chuck their plastic waste in. And perhaps when the Earth’s climate makes it uninhabitable they’ll reconsider consider living on little old me, eh?”