Man saying ‘can I get…’ in WH Smiths probably a charismatic New York wiseguy

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The man ahead of you in the queue at WH Smiths saying ‘can I get’ must be some sort of charismatic New York wiseguy.

He is likely wearing a bowling shirt over a white t-shirt and chewing a toothpick.

After concluding his business in WH Smith, he will most probably be grabbing a pretzel and then going to hang out with his buddies at the cab stand.

Whilst he almost certainly is involved in organised crime at a low-level, his charm and good-nature, as evidenced by his use of the phrase ‘can I get…’ instead of ‘may I have…’ make that easy to overlook.

It is not hard to imagine that, along with his carefree use of ‘can I get…’, he will also regularly use the phrase ‘back in the day’ and will say ‘ass’ when he means ‘arse’ because he is definitely some sort of charismatic New York wiseguy.

Following closer inspection, it has become evident that the man saying ‘can I get…’ isn’t actually a charismatic New York wiseguy, but is, in fact, a middle-aged man in a football shirt and combat shorts buying some stamps and a curly-wurly.