World completely accepts Donald Trump is not racist following his clever declaration that he isn’t

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In a brilliant and innovative political manoeuvre, statesman and leader Donald Trump has put to rest the idea that he is racist by openly saying that he isn’t, resulting in everybody taking his word at face value and moving away from the controversy.

Juan Guillermo, a 3rd generation Mexican-American from California, was one of many to be utterly re-assured by the president’s words and needed no further evidence of the president’s acceptance of multiculturalism.

He told us, “I’ll admit I got a bit worried when he told those women to go back to their home countries even though most of them were born here and all of them are American citizens. I was starting to wonder if the US president believed some people were more American than others.

“But thankfully, he tweeted that he didn’t have a racist bone in his body. Now I am completely reassured. I will never suspect him of being a bigot ever again. This completely and definitely ends the whole affair for me and I praise him for celebrating ethnic diversity. How can I not trust the man behind Trump Steaks?”

The gesture led to comparisons with Trump’s 2016 election campaign when he was dogged by accusations that he was a sexist simply because he was caught on tape bragging about how he likes to sexually assault women.

In a similar move to today’s declaration, Donald Trump explained how nobody in the world had more respect for women than him. That particular tweet completely exonerated him of misogyny and got him declared Feminist Of the Year by the National Organization for Women.