Brexit Party graciously accepts Ursula von der Leyen as EU President after she secures 52% of the vote

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Brexit Party members have this evening graciously welcomed Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen as the newly elected president of the EU Commission, after a secret ballot among MEPs showed that she secured a massive 52% share of the votes.

Party leader Nigel Farage had spoken out against her candidacy before the vote, but after hearing that 52% of MEPs had voted for her, he was gracious in defeat and welcomed her into her new role.

He told reporters outside the European parliament, “Those who know me best, know that I am a man who believes in democracy, and 52% of the people here voting for her is the clearest possible indication that the will of MEPs is that she be the next EU Commission President.

“It is a resounding victory, nothing short of remarkable, and must signal the end of any debate about her position. The people here have spoken, and they must be listened to.

“Those of us in the 48% who didn’t want this must now suck it up and get over it. We lost, that’s the end of it.”

Political journalists asked if Farage would maybe try to undermine her presidency, or seek to have her removed, or if he would continue to campaign against her.

He told them, “No, that would be churlish in the extreme. It’s only right that those of us on the losing side now give her our full support.

“I am quite sure that everything will be brilliant under Ursula if we can just come together and believe it will be.”

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