You can’t even say racist things without being called a racist, complains rich old white man

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A 73-year-old American man has today lamented a society where you can’t even say racist things without everyone calling you a racist.

After telling members of congress of different ethnicities to ‘go back where they came from’, the old man insisted that lots of people agree with him, and the only people who think it’s racist are being racist against him.

Despite having previously referred to all refugees as coming from ‘shithole nations’ and being criminals, scroungers and jihadis, the old man insists he is ‘just telling it like it is’.

He told reporters, “Liberal snowflakes just shout ‘racist’ to try to stifle the debate about which type of virulent pest these immigrants most resemble.

“Describing immigrants as cockroaches or vermin is just telling it like it is – it’s no more racist than setting fire to a wooden cross on someone’s front lawn.

“And everyone knows that lawns aren’t a race, they’re just vegetation so by definition it can’t be racist.

“But of course that doesn’t stop these liberal cucks claiming I’m racist, they attack me for telling the uncomfortable truths. If they don’t like it, they just scream ‘racism’.”

Fans of the old man have leapt to his defence, agreeing that saying racist things isn’t racist if you say they’re not racist.

MAGA-hat-wearing superfan, Chuck Williams, told us, “It’s the classic get out, as long as you say ‘I’m not being racist but…’, then by definition, you’re not being racist.

“I’m not being racist, but those swarthy looking congresswomen should go back to where they came from.

“See? Perfectly acceptable.”