Putting ‘GO HOME’ on the side of a fleet of vans is always more effective than a Tweet, May tells Trump

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Donald Trump has today been criticised for sending a tweet telling a number of Democratic congresswomen of colour to ‘go home’ by a woman who once went one step further and printed it on a fleet of vans.

Theresa May, who as Home Secretary oversaw the rollout of the now infamous ‘Go Home’ vans, gently chastised the US President for not giving his own brand of racism a decent effort.

“Donald, like the best of us Christians, is born with a natural and justifiable distrust of foreigners, especially those of a more, er, ‘exotic’ hue,” she told reporters outside her house this morning, as she watered her roses, eyeing with suspicion a passing black man walking his dog.

“It is well within his remit as President to decide which foreign-looking people can stay, and which of them should be ‘encouraged’ to go home. His German grandfather, Scottish mother and Slovakian wife can all stay, for example, because they have skin of the correct colour.

“But that Alexandra whats-her-name; gosh, isn’t she dreadful? She can go, for a start.

“If he wants this to work, then Donald really needs to go one step further and put his message on the side of a fleet of vans – this is the only way to send a strong message that darki-, ahem, I mean troublemakers – will not be tolerated.”

She concluded, “He just needs to fully commit to nationalism. After all, as we know, anything printed on the side of a large vehicle immediately becomes gospel.”