England can’t be ‘World’ Champions at cricket because we don’t play it, insists American Baseball fan

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An American baseball fan has this afternoon taken to social media to explain why England can’t be the ‘World Champions’ of cricket because American doesn’t play the game.

Chuck Williams, 45, and a Boston native insisted that calling yourself World Champions when only a couple of dozen countries only play the game is hugely conceited.

He went on, “I get it, they beat a few other countries along the way, massive nations like the West Indies and New Zealand – but to call yourselves World Champions after that? It’s just embarrassing.

“Where was Russia? China? The United States? This is like when that white guy won the sprint Olympic gold in Moscow when the USA didn’t turn up – it doesn’t really count.

“I can assure you, no-one in America thinks of this team as world champions, just top of the few countries that actually play the sport.  If we played it, we’d be the best at it, obviously.”

Williams went on to insist that winning the World Series in baseball makes you genuine world champions, with the explanation that it’s different “just because”.