Cricket convert planning to watch village team this weekend expecting ‘more of the same’

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A man whose first exposure to live cricket was yesterday’s World Cup final has admitted the excitement has made him keen for ‘more of the same’, which he is expecting to get from this weekend’s village match against their local rivals.

Simon Williams, 45, admits he’s never really been into cricket, as he’s more of a ‘formula one guy’, but was happy to be proven wrong during the greatest cricket match of all time.

He told us, “I had no idea. The drama, the skill, the tension, the euphoria, the desperation – that match had it all. I think you can safely assume I am now a cricket fan. Who wouldn’t be with such thrill-a-minute entertainment?

“I’ve looked, and my first opportunity to watch a match in person will come this weekend on the village green when we take on Lower Bucksworth in the league – we’re both mid-table apparently so this will be a big game.

“I can’t wait to experience the crowd noise in person, savour the electric atmosphere, and watch these accomplished athletes hitting balls seventy metres or more back over the bowler’s heads.

“I’m not sure my heart could take another super over, so hopefully it’ll be resolved in normal time.”

Semi-retired plumber and wicket-keeper/opening batsman for Simon’s village team, Derek Matthews, 57, told us, “It’s great we’ll have some support at the game, as last weekend it was my wife and the dog, and they left after an hour.

“As long as Simon is not expecting much running between the wickets, I don’t do that since I had my knee replaced, and Dave who bats three has gout. The only people who run are the bowlers, and they only do five paces at most.

“Still, apart from that, I’m sure he will find it’s exactly what he’s expecting, and if he brings a pair of white-ish trousers he can probably bat at eight.”