Boris Johnson promises he will have many more strong opinions on things he knows nothing about

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The Back Boris campaign has argued that a recent Andrew Neill interview, where Mr Johnson tried to argue the implications of an EU directive before being forced to admit he did not know what it was, showed a buccaneering leader refusing to be shackled by ‘knowledge’.

Simon Williams MP, a key supporter of Boris Johson, denied that the discussion revealed a lazy dilettante unfit to take office.

He explained, “It was quite the opposite, actually. If Brexit has proved anything, it is that Britain has changed and the days when a cursory knowledge of the subject being discussed was a prerequisite are long gone.

“The country needs a leader who will immediately and vociferously argue a point even if he does not have the slightest fucking clue of what he is talking about. That shows he is in touch with what the people want.”

Mr Williams promised that Boris Johnson had given his personal assurances that he would never let a lack of comprehension get in the way of taking strong positions on subjects.

He went on, “He will hold court on any topic you throw at him. Whether it be the best place to park in Ulaanbaatar on a Sunday, the role of semiconductors in reducing light pollution, using yoghurt to make flatbreads or summer grooming of alpacas, Boris will try to guess what a Daily Mail reader thinks and just dive straight in. And that’s a personal promise from him.

“No, not like the one he gave his wife. That’s completely different.”

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