Tommy Robinson supporters confused why ‘completely innocent’ Tommy has to go to prison again

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Tommy Robinson supporters have been left bemused after he was sentenced to nine months in prison for contempt of court, despite repeatedly telling his fans he had done nothing wrong.

After being found guilty last week, Robinson has done his best to mitigate his sentence by acting with contrition whenever in public – mainly by repeatedly vociferously denying his guilt to anyone who will listen, and refusing to accept the court’s judgement.

“Tommy told us all he was innocent, so this is obviously the establishment trying to silence a true patriot,” explained Tommy supporters Simon Williams.

“There is no possible explanation for his imprisonment beyond a conspiracy. I don’t care what you say about the laws around contempt of court, Tommy didn’t do anything wrong.

“He’s only been sent to prison because the establishment is scared of the truth about grooming gangs. Yes, in my addled brain this makes complete sense.

“I’ve already donated to his appeal fund, even though it’s only just been launched, because he deserves to live in an even bigger house.”

Experts in this sort of thing – who shouldn’t be listened to according to Robinson himself – have responded to the confusion with a massive sigh.

As one lawyer told us, “It’s all very simple, he defied reporting restrictions on linked trial – the second of three – in a case with a shared jury and therefore risked a mistrial that would have cost the prosecution services thousands of hours of wasted time and millions of pounds AND put a group of paedophiles back on the street.

“All because he wanted to pretend he was breaking the news of the trial and to convince his Facebook followers to donate a few quid as part of his latest grubby get-rich-quick scheme.

“Or, in language his followers might understand, Tommy been naughty, done a no-no, done talky when he should stay ‘shush’. Tommy got to go to the naughty step for nine months.”

“At the end of the day, grifters are gonna grift, and idiots are easily separated from their money – just look at his fanbase for proof.”