Tommy Robinson supporters clearly articulate their concerns over his incarceration by hurling traffic cones at policeman

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Tommy Robinson supporters have gathered outside the Old Bailey to express their concerns at the manner of his incarceration using their preferred communication medium of mindless thuggery and violence.

With reports claiming that up to tens of angry people may have marched on the Old Bailey, those keenest to express their disquiet at his most recent stay at her majesty’s pleasure chose to articulate those views by throwing cans, bottles and traffic cones at police.

#FreeTommy campaigner Simon ‘Dave’ Williams told us, “We feel that Tommy is the victim of injustice, imprisoned for who he is, not what he did, and the best way to explain this to people is by throwing sticks at police and being photographed doing Hitler salutes.

“It’s important we get the message out there, and the message is that Tommy is the real victim here, and as such, that message will be tied to whatever we can lift before being thrown in the direction of the line of police who have come to ensure we don’t do precisely the things we are doing.

“How else can we demonstrate our unhappiness at the nation’s laws being correctly applied to criminals if not by throwing and breaking things?”

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Another told us, “I wanted to throw a car to show upset I am that the legal process in this country is so biased against people who have repeatedly broken the law and have admitted to breaking the law, but it turns out I can’t throw a car – which is disappointing and frustrating.

“So I expressed my anger at not being able to throw the car, by kicking it instead. That car is now under no illusions that justice has not been served for Tommy Robinson.

“Checkmate liberals.”

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