Throwing milkshakes at Tommy Robinson is a horrible crime, insists supporter throwing bottle at police

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A Tommy Robinson supporter who loudly complained about milkshakes being thrown at his hero has this afternoon found himself throwing bottles at the police outside the Old Bailey.

Simon ‘Dave’ Williams, whose profile picture on social media is bulldog wearing a union jack, was outside court to hear the sentence passed down to Robinson after he was found guilty – for the third time – of contempt of court.

He has been active on social media recently, engaging in dozens of online threads to insist that those people targetting Robinson with milkshakes are ‘the real fascists’, and just ‘violent thugs who don’t like to be questioned’.

However, in a surprising twist, Williams found himself throwing a bottle at police outside the court after hearing that Tommy had been sentenced to nine months in prison.

In a moment of stunning self-awareness, Williams stopped to ask, “Hang on, I am here doing precisely what I accused others of doing – in fact, this is worse because a bottle could actually hurt someone. Am…am I one of the baddies? Have I become that which I so despise?”

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However, the brief moment passed, and it was mere seconds before he returned to his well-worn script used on dozens of social media pages.

He went on, “No, of course I’m not one of the baddies, we are here fighting for freedom and truth – Tommy did nothing wrong! The bottles I am throwing are missiles in the battle to make this country great again, but the milkshakes your lot threw were just tools of the establishment elite who want our kids groomed by Muslim paedos!

“I am right, yes I am, SHUT UP!”