Trump’s numerous rage tweets prove how little he cares about UK ambassador’s comments, says White House

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The Trump administration has affirmed that the President had insulted Theresa May, rescinded a dinner invitation for the British Ambassador and cancelled trade talks because he is too important and too busy to care about a few unflattering comments.

Among other things, the White House explained he really could not give a fig about accusations that his administration was mismanaged and chaotic. As explained Simon Williams, a golf course manager that became this week’s Press Spokesperson on Monday.

“President Trump is a tremendously important leader whose staff do not hide items from him because he’s a dangerous semi-literate manchild.

“He doesn’t care about the untrue gossip of some loser ambassador who pretended to be his friend when they discussed meeting the Queen. He’s such a nobody that the President had to ask who he was before tweeting obsessively about him and attacking his boss.

“Donald Trump is the leader of the greatest country on earth, much bigger than the UK with all its castles and queens, and is much too busy to care about it which is why he told his officials to walk out of trade talks. They’re busy as well.”

A recent tweet seems to confirm that Donald Trump had decided to move on from the transatlantic squabble and focus more on the victorious captain of the US football team Megan Rapinoe.

In it, he asserted that she would not be invited to the White House as “it’s only for classy people. And anyway I bet she’s only a lesbian because she can’t get a man. I’d win a world cup if I played soccer.

“I’m not lonely and I never cry after I masturbate.”