‘Nightmare’ Meghan ‘out of control’ reports Daily Mail, after she refuses to allow four Daily Mail journalists into Frogmore Cottage to just use the toilet

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The Duchess of Sussex has shown herself to be completely, irredeemably bad and rotten after refusing to allow entry to her home to four Daily Mail journalists, who all badly needed the loo.

‘Journalist’ Simon Williams commented, “What a f*cking b*itch.

“All we asked was that we be allowed to use one of the bathrooms one by one while the others had a quick look around.

“We, the taxpayer, paid for those bathrooms, it’s our constitutional right. Well, I don’t pay much tax, obviously, but you catch my drift.

“She’s a complete and utter Psycho. She had tears in her eyes and everything when she told us to please go away or she’d have to call the police. Emotionally unstable, clearly – imagine what poor Harry’s going through.

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“It wasn’t a completely wasted trip though. We went through her bins and found some of Prince Archie’s used nappies, which are front page on tomorrow’s issue.

“We might use a photo of her crying face and use a tagline of ‘Meghan crying at having to change her own son’s nappy, what a monster’.

“Yeah, that’s not bad at all.”