Labour to announce today’s Brexit policy by lunchtime

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Labour has confirmed that today’s stance on Brexit will be announced by lunchtime.

It is expected that they will move from yesterday’s policy of supporting a second referendum back to something more like the day before’s position of fresh negotiation, or even the day before that’s position of pushing for a general election.

“I think that, actually, people will be surprised by today’s policy on Brexit,” said a spokesperson for Labour.

“It is quite a bit different to yesterday’s and, to be honest, is probably closest to the Brexit stance we held last Tuesday morning for a bit.

“Anyway, it’s a really good one and I hope that all Labour supporters will get behind it, at least until tomorrow when we change it to something completely different.”

There appeared to be a measure of anticipation amongst Labour supporters for today’s Brexit position.

“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of yesterday’s Brexit policy,” explained Simon Williams, president of the Jeremy Corbyn fan club, South East division.

“I prefer it when the Brexit policies that we adopt nod at least a little bit towards those who believe in respecting the referendum result.

“Still, if Jeremy says this is what we think now, then it must be right.”

However, there are some Labour supporters who are critical of the party for not simply adopting a position on Brexit and sticking to it.

“I’ll never understand that criticism,” said the spokesperson.

“We’ve done that countless times.”

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