Satire writers to take day off after Tommy Robinson tries to become asylum seeker

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Writers of humourous mock articles lampooning current events have declared their job was now redundant, following the news that Tommy Robinson was begging Donald Trump to allow him to become a refugee in the USA.

Simon Williams, a writer for popular spoof news website InfoSmash, said the video of the notorious racist thug pathetically begging for asylum was making his job utterly meaningless.

He told us, “This shit would not have got past the editor if I had come up with it. Tommy Robinson putting on a fake Jamaican accent while in prison is about as far as I would go and not feel I was entering Monty Python territory. But no, he is seriously asking a government to take him in as an unskilled jobless immigrant with a criminal record.”

Mr Williams confirmed that, although satirists used to think they were in a golden age, the excess of surreal idiocy present in political spheres was making the creation of amusing reflections on the world nigh on impossible.

“Look. Our function is to use comedic exaggeration to highlight the hypocrisy, inconsistency and callousness of those in power. What are we supposed to do when politicians just go off the deep end and everybody around smiles and nods?

“We got fucking Bojo set to become PM a few weeks after the cops were called to settle a domestic at his place. Anne Widdecombe seriously comparing getting an EHIC card to being put in chains. And now Mr EDL himself crying like a dropped baby and trying to become an immigrant asylum seeker.

“Sod it. I give up. I’m just going to have to write unicorn incest erotica for a living.

“Yes, it really does sells. That’s how fucked the world is.”