Donald Trump blames Deep State as US Navy claims aircraft carrier not capable of driving down Washington Mall

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Allies of the president on social media and on Fox News have supported his angry claim that ‘entrenched elites’ within the Pentagon have shown blatant political bias by refusing to have an aircraft carrier join tanks and other vehicles in the July 4th parade.

Donald Trump tweeted his fury at senior admirals after it was leaked that he had demanded on several occasions for America’s mightiest warships to join equipment from other branches in a patriotic celebration that just happens to be focused on him.

Simon Williams, Fox News pundit and host of popular chat show The Right Truth, was one of many to express his support for Donald Trump and his claims that dark forces were at play.

He told his viewers, “Are we supposed to believe that these marvels of military technology, that can rain destruction on our brown enemies from thousands of miles away, can’t handle a little drive down the mall?

“This is why we need to give Donald Trump another four years to completely drain the swamp. It’s obvious that the liberals in Annapolis will stop at nothing to hinder a wonderful parade that North Koreans and Russians often enjoy, but that the American people have been denied until now.”

Mr Williams said that this latest spat between the Navy and the White House was just another insult in a long series that showed clear bias.

He went on, “Time and time again, the Navy has refused perfectly reasonable requests like renaming the USS John McCain into something better like USS Ivanka. That’s outright treasonous.

“And they can stop asking him if his bone spurs are hurting him, too.”