Ann Widdecombe complains about lack of democracy inside EU while working for party with unelected leader who can’t be replaced

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Ann Widdecombe has chosen to use her maiden EU speech to lecture the European parliament on what democracy means, while speaking on behalf of a party with an unelected leader that cannot be replaced.

Widdecombe said the elections for the European Parliament President were undemocratic, even though every MEP got a vote and the winner – David-Maria Sassoli – won over 50% of those votes, in stark contrast to the zero votes cast for Nigel Farage to lead the Brexit Party.

She told those gathered, “Just because we got to vote on the new parliamentary president, and no-one wins that election unless a majority of MEPs vote for them, doesn’t make it a democratic process – just as my party having a leader that no-one voted for isn’t undemocratic.

“That’s because democracy is about getting your own way, and when I don’t get my own way it must be a lack of democracy. There is no other explanation for more people voting for a thing I don’t like. Just because my view is in the minority, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. No, this is nothing like Brexit. Shut up.

She went on, “The UK is nothing more than a nation of slaves under the yoke of the EU. And I can say this with complete confidence because as a middle-class white person I have never had any exposure to what slavery actually means.

“I can quite happily define slavery as being made to obey stuff like fishing quotas or to follow rules about bendy bananas. Because that’s what democracy really means.”

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